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Why Join Team Brilliance?

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My team is Team Brilliance!  Why is that, you may ask?

After attending a workshop,  Shine in Your Brilliance, with a friend of mine who is a life coach, I realized that for many years I put my dreams and aspirations on the back burner. I started to recognize that there was a light inside of me SCREAMING to be set free!!!  It was time to Shine in my Brilliance again and Isagenix was the vehicle that has allowed me to live the life I love.

So, why would you join Team Brilliance? Team Brilliance is a collaboration of individuals from all industries who share a vision for changing the lives of others- to ignite and empower people to SHINE IN THEIR BRILLIANCE, whatever that looks like!

For me, it’s FREEDOM. It's the freedom to live a life of choices and on YOUR TERMS!!

Why Partner with our award-winning company?

  1. Learn about our TOP-rated compensation plan
  2. Incredible products! Incredible results!
  3. A welcome message from our co-founder
  4. Our team of 18-35 year-olds living life by design!

How do I get started?

Your Membership is $29 plus a min of 100PV to be commission qualified

You can choose a pack or any combination of products that add up to at least 100BV.

EARN YOUR SMALL INVESTMENT BACK ASAP💰!!!!Get your products paid for by sharing the products with 2 friends. 🙋🙋

They decide to join you on your journey as a customer or business partner with any qualifying pack and you get paid product introduction bonuses the following Monday which covers your products!!!!

YOU share, THEY share, REPEAT!!!  It's that Simple​!!!

Our team has an AMAZING system to train you to MAXIMIZE your social media and LAUNCH your business today!

You have $0 website fees, no hidden fees, no inventory, no parties. 

I AM COMMITTED to coaching you to SUCCESS!!!


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